Hi! Im Nicole! The designer and maker behind Fat Mango Creative. 
I started Fat Mango Creative in January 2018 as a creative outlet and a place to sell my handmade cards. It was not long after opening my Etsy store and entering the world of handmade that i heard about Acrylic Earring design.
I had always found it difficult to find  fun, foodie, bright, colourful and quirky earrings that didn't irritate my sensitive ears.  
I decided i would use the small amount i had made from selling cards to purchase some acrylic and start my journey into the world of acrylic earring design. I don't have a background in design and never studied art at school so i set about learning as much as i could and practicing and honing my new found skill. I wanted to ensure the pieces i created not only looked good but were functional, flattering, comfortable, hypoallergenic and would stand the test of time. I also wanted to combine etching and hand painted details into the designs.
Fast forward to June 2018, i ditched the card making and released my first collection. A passion for acrylic design had taken over and the more i learned, the more i created!
After an incredible response to my designs, in August 2018, I made the decision to close my Etsy store and open my own website. My little biz grew from strength to strength and thanks to my incredible community of Fat Mango Friends, in April 2021 i was able to quit my corporate job and run Fat Mango full time.
 It brings me so much happiness to see my pieces put a smile on someones dial and spread joy...one lobe at a time.
Yours In Lobe Love, Nicole xx