I love collaborating with other businesses and brands! 

If your business is interested in collaborating with me, please reach out via our contact us page outlining your proposal.

My lead time on design and production can be anywhere from 2-3 months depending on the design, quantity required and other work i have on at the time. I can provide you with more specifics when you reach out. 

Here are just some of the businesses i have been privileged to collaborate with - 

Mutti Pomodoro Australia For 120 years, Mutti has been striving to create the best possible Italian tomato products for kitchens all around the world. It was an honour to be approached to create a special pair of collaboration earrings as part of their Mutti Polpa advertising campaign. The earrings i created celebrated my own love and obsession for the Mutti Polpa and was a tribute to the bold, beautiful tin that these delicious finely chopped tomatoes come in. 

 Pretty Parcel Pretty Parcel was created in 2010 by Melbourne based fashion designer Shannon Kenny. Shannon designs and creates limited edition colourful and fun clothing for women to make themselves feel good, confident and who don't mind being stopped by people in the street to receive a compliment! She wears many hats including designer, pattern maker, cutter, sewer, marketer, packager, administrator, you get the drill… all from her home studio on the Mornington peninsula in Victoria. With over 25,000 instagram followers, her business continues to go from strength to strength.

love working with Shannon and you will often see me wearing Pretty Parcel in my photo shoots or in my Instagram stories, i really love her brand so much!

Forever Young Collection - February 2021

Pretty Parcel Christmas - November 2020

Pretty Parcels 10th Birthday Collection - August 2020

Bobby The Lobby November - 2019

Watermelon Wednesday Collection - April 2019

Desert Palms Collection - March 2019

 *Some of these images were taken by the lovely Felicity Bale Photography

Rattamatatt  Rattamatatt, by Kathryn Shaw, is a handmade clothing label based on the South Coast of NSW.​  Created out of a need for small quantity, ethically made slow fashion where there is an emphasis on fit and fabric quality; Rattamatatt is a range of bright and colourful prints on classic timeless shapes. 

After connecting with Kathryn via Instagram and purchasing some dresses from her, I was blown away by the quality of her pieces. In 2019 approached her with a collaboration proposal using two licenced Kasey Rainbow  prints. Feeling Fruitier and Eat Your Veggies was born and we provided our customers with their daily dose of 2 and 5, in the form of tops, dresses and accessories!

Then in 2020, we saw a beautiful print by Australian Textile Designer Brook Gossen. We knew this would be our next collaboration straight away and despite being in the middle of a pandemic, we released Rainbow Picnic. A joyful celebration of the simple things in life, during a time where even sitting in a park and having a picnic wasn't a possibility for so many months!

I love, love, love working with Kathryn and it is an honor to collaborate with her.


Karla Cola  Karla is an Adelaide based designer who has grown her handmade label into a local team of 9! Providing her 50,000+ instagram followers unique colourful prints and styles, Karla is focused on providing women like herself another alternative to mainstream clothing and colours. I have been a long time fan and own many of her pieces, so when she asked me to collaborate i was over the moon! 

Gone Bananas - January 2021

Birds Of A Feather - January 2020

Berry Nice - December 2019


Blue Beetle Co  Blue Beetle Co is a clay powerhouse founded by Chole. Chole makes bright, fun, quirky clay designs that everyone loves! With her husband James AKA The Dispatch Manager on board they have also introduced a range of 3d printed shape cutters. 

In August 2019, Chole and i worked together to create a cohesive design between acrylic and clay, with the design selling out in just minutes.


Pine And Apple  Kelly is an artist based in the Lockyer Valley, Queensland. She creates clutches and other accessories based off her hand painted canvases so that you can be accessorising your outfits quite literally with art.

In 2019, Kelly  based two collections on our designs and we have had Kelly create custom pieces for our store.