Caring for your product

Earring Care 

To keep your earrings in tip top condition we have provided some helpful tips below

  • Ensure you store in a clean, dry location out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep your beauties away from cosmetics, perfumes, hairspray, water and moisturizers as they can cause damage.
  • To keep your item clean please use a jewellery polishing cloth
  • Earrings with tassels are best stored hanging to ensure that the strands stay in shape
  • Be gentle when removing the backing from the earring post. Pulling, twisting and other rough movement can cause the glue to weaken and may mean your earring post may come loose or fall off over time.  Should your earring post come loose, please contact us for instructions on how to repair.
  • Ensure you handle your pieces with care, they are delicate and like anything, if dropped, stepped on or otherwise mishandled it can result in breakage.  

We understand that accidents can happen, if you damage or break your piece, please contact us at we can advise if the damage if fixable and depending on the damage we may be able to direct you how to repair. Alternatively, if it can be fixed, we are also happy to do this for you,  however please bear in mind that postage costs for items sent for repair are the responsibility of the buyer along with any costs incurred for fixing your item. Any item sent for repair should be returned with signature on delivery.

Head Band care

Cool wash by hand or in a gentle wash bag. We recommend air drying out of direct sunlight. Warm iron only on cotton/organic cotton products. 

PineAndApple Clutch Care

Every product is handmade and has been lovingly made just for you.
Each handpainted clutch is an original piece of art and should be treated with care. Please avoid getting your clutch wet, you may wipe the outer plastic sleeve clean if needed.

It is very important not to leave your clutch in a hot environment such as in the car, in direct sunlight or anywhere that is hot. Extended exposure to too much heat can cause the plastic to “warp”. You also risk damage to painted canvas.

We will not be responsible for neglect of care of your product. Treat your clutch with care, it is a work of art in itself and will provide you with plenty of fun outings if you look after it.

Clothing Care

Want your garments to last? Treat them with care! All fabric has been prewashed/preshrunk. It is recommended to be washed using a gentle clothing detergent, on a gentle or handwash cycle using cold water. Please dry on a hanger out of direct sun light. We also recommend washing with similar colours. Placing your item in the dryer or in the sun will cause it to fade, shrink and ruin your garment.