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  • The Founders Team - Panel Event - Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences



Bright Minds Of Ecommerce with Dahna Borg - Founder

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"Nicole Gould is the designer and maker behind Fat Mango Creative, a place where you can find colourful and quirky acrylic earrings, beautifully designed cards, and notepads. What started as a hobby business in 2018 has grown into a steady business with purely organic marketing, allowing her to leave her full-time corporate job and pursue her passion. In this episode, Nicole shares her entrepreneurial journey, the systems and processes that help her thrive, and how she found her passion in search of fun, colourful and quirky earrings. Nicole talks about how your value is not defined by the number of hours you put in at work and strategies to scale your business through organic marketing. "


Ecommerce Brand Builders - with Chelsea Berman - Founder

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"In this episode I sit down with my good friend Nicole who is the designer and maker behind Fat Mango Creative. Nicole started Fat Mango Creative in January 2018 as a creative outlet and a place to sell her handmade cards. It was not long after opening her Etsy store and entering the world of handmade that she discovered Acrylic Earring design. Fast forward to June 2018, she ditched the card making and released her first collection of acrylic earrings. Now Nicole runs Fat Mango Creative full time and has a cult following with an incredibly engaged community that she built on social media."

Photo Credit: The Latest / The Founders Team